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Ways Selecting Outdoor Cushions

If you have an outdoor space, it is nothing less than bliss! It can easily serve as an extended or a separate room where you can really relax and take your comfort factor to a whole new dimension. However, this can only happen when you have well designed furniture that is sturdy enough to withstand outer climatic abuse and yet is tasteful and comfortable enough to help you really relax! Simultaneously, maintaining them should not be a tall and daunting task for you. Once you have got all our patio furniture, the best way to make them real comfortable and add your personality imprint is decorate them outdoor seat cushions!

There are numerous varieties of outdoor cushions like chaise cushions, deep seating cushions, bar stool cushions, armchair cushions, settee cushions, etc. The list is endless! Available in endless shapes, sizes and colours, these cushions are a terrific way to add a refreshing style and makeover. Additionally, they are super comfortable as they are crafted with plush padding which may be three to four inches thick. Wrapped in a soft and durable fabric, these are heavenly to sit on and nicely contour your body, to create an unbeatable experience of comfort and luxury. However, before you purchase them, it’s best to keep certain tips and guidelines in mind.

Try opting for evergreen decor theme

Market trends keep changing and it’s pretty easy to fall for the lure of buying what’s selling like hot cake at that moment. However, it should be avoided and one should go for styles and designs that tend to last forever and do not require a change with every season. An evergreen decor theme makes your shopping easier as well as goes easy on your pocket since you do not need to change it every season.

Make your surroundings your guide

When purchasing outdoor cushions, it’s important to have a hard look at your surroundings and then plan accordingly. For instance, the available space, whether or not plants are present; presence of a swimming pool; swing etc. must be considered. These not only help you develop a clear mood and vibe for your space but also help you choose cushions in coordination with them. For example, cushions in bright solid colours look terrific against any stone setting of any outdoor kitchenette. Simultaneously, the furniture used outdoors must also be borne in mind and must be of the right match and the right size. Like, it would be foolish to get regular patio chair cushion if you have an Adirondack chair as they simply would not fit.

Be particular about the material and size

Outdoor pillows and cushions should not be selected at random. Like we pick our shoes, comfort should be the top priority. Instead of looking for stunning pieces, try looking for pieces that are utterly comfortable to rest on. Again their size should be exact to the furniture so that they fit well, look gorgeous and are not uneasy or unsteady to sit on. Another important consideration is the outdoor weather. All accessories placed outdoors are inevitably exposed to the harsh conditions of outside like plenty of dust and grime, harsh sun rays etc. Thus the fabric should be appropriate to it. The best material for outdoors is the 100% Sunbrella acrylic fabric or similar weather resistant fabrics. These materials are known to withstand over 1990 hours of direct sunlight without any damage to their colour or texture. They do not rot or breakdown even when the weather is at its monstrous best. Again, it’s best to stick to dark colours and prints so that they do not look shoddy or dirty within a very short span of time. Solid colours, delicate patterns, robbed and even textures are some great options to amp up the outside decor.

Finally, it’s important to realize that it is very special corner of your house where both you and your guests can relax, enjoy and lounge in.