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Benefits of Ride on Lawn Mower

Ride on lawn mowers are a common tool used by domestic gardeners as well as professional grounds keepers. Over time the technology has become more affordable .In addition to this people’s disposable time has decreased. There is now less of an emphasis on leisure time in the work life balance. This means that people are more inclined to spend a bit more money to make routine chores easier and faster.

Ride on lawn tractors are a perfect example of a product that reduce your work/time investment in gardening. Therefore people with sizeable lawns have become more receptive to the idea of using a ride on mower. People with smaller gardens would probably not get the benefits from an investment in a ride on lawnmower. However anyone with a medium to large plot of land can save themselves a considerable amount of time and effort.

There are two main types of ride on mower; the difference is in the type of cutting blade they use. One is a rotary mower and the other is a cylinder mower. Almost all domestic users will be operating a mower that uses a rotary blade. This is the standard lawn mower blade for general grass cutting. It operates with a single blade rotating from a central pivot point. Rotary blades are better for cutting rough, long and wet grass. Contrastingly cylinder mowers work by using a vertically rotating cartridge that achieves a far finer cut. Cylinder mowers do not cope well with longer grass however and are more for “finishing” jobs. For this reason if you have a cylinder mower you need to keep on top of your lawn regularly or it will become too long to cut properly.

The biggest advantage of a ride on lawn mower is that you get to simultaneously sit down and do work at the same time. It’s the perfect combination; there are not many situations where you can perform physical/mobile tasks with great results without leaving your chair! Another benefit is that you can turn around quickly and nimbly. Sometimes when you are trying to turn back on yourself with a walk-behind mower it can be a tricky task. It really is an overall more simple and enjoyable experience. Even individuals who are grass cutting fanatics find the process of using a ride on mower fun.

You can usually arrange a demonstration or ‘test drive’ with a local dealer. They will be more than happy to show you the features and give you a run down.